Mass distribution - Off-the-shelf service

Freskibo adds value to the seafood self-service category of the dynamic retail channel by making it easy to consume fish and offering tasty, nutritious and easy-to-prepare fish solutions for different moments.


’’Because the sea gives you everything you need’’

  • AD HOC projects

    Developing new, customized refrigerated seafood concepts  from different origins (wild, aquaculture) and preparations that adapt to consumer trends and customer needs in an innovative, flexible and agile way.

  • Focus on the consumer and analysis of consumer and market trends

    Freskibo focuses its activity on the consumer and on analyzing consumption trends and markets for the self-service fish category with the aim of creating fish solutions for different moments that bring value to the end customer.

  • New product concepts

    We innovate to create healthy, tasty and easy-to-prepare fish and seafood solutions for the retail and food service channels from our specialized facilities and in compliance with the most demanding food quality certifications.


’’Innovation, flexibility and agility’’

  • A wide range of products

    We offer an extensive range of processed and refrigerated, clean and ready-to-cook fish products.

  • Innovation and analysis of trends

    We develop innovative and customized new product solutions and analyze consumer and market trends.

  • A variety of formats

    We offer a variety of formats and packaging adapted to the specific needs of our custormers and with the capacity to work with fixed and variable weights.

  • Promotional dynamism

    Promotional dynamism in the sheduling of offers, execution of point-of-sale actions and trade marketing to meet a range of business objectives.

  • Quality assurance

    Guarantee and traceability of all our products with the most demanding quality certifications for large-scale distribution (IFS Food).

  • Daily delivery throughout Spain

    A*A or A*B daily throughout Spain.


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