’’Commitment to the social,
economic and environmental surroundings’’

Commitment through long-term actions with local social, economic and environmental stakeholders to implement corporate policies that reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to improving society.

We contribute to the sustainability of seas and oceans by supporting sustainable fishing and plastic recycling initiatives in the context of the group's activity.


We incorporate into our business and decision-making policies actions such as developing products and services in working conditions aimed at preserving the health, safety and well-being of workers.

We collaborate with organizations dedicated to fighting hunger, addictions, gender inequality, poverty and social exclusion.


We are aware of the needs of future generations, and for this reason we support the initiatives of closed areas, catch quotas, minimum sizes and roe cycles of the different species.

We are committed to aquaculture with the aim of promoting a healthy and sustainable seafood diet.


As active measures to prevent climate change, we promote the use of 100% recyclable materials that contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of our activity, and we implement measures that promote energy saving and reducing gas and water consumption in the adaptation and modernization of our facilities as well as in all production and logistics processes.


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